It’s all about the journey

We are located about an hour’s drive from the airport and getting to us is as much about the journey as the destination. Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Lombok as we transport you to our remote and secluded undiscovered paradise.

There’s no better salve for the spirit than the scent of a salty sea breeze. Arrive at our hidden paradise in seafaring style on our traditional wooden boat as the golden sunlight glints off the ocean and the sound of the waves crash in the distance.

Embark on a carefully routed drive through Lombok’s rural areas and immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery as we guide you towards an isolated dream beach where our sanctuary awaits.

From construction to the freshest of produce served at our restaurant, the local community are at the heart of our roots and have been a significant part of the Innit Lombok journey right from the start.

Whether you arrive by boat or by car, connect with nature and Lombok’s culture at every turn from floating lobster farms to local fishing villages, all against a vista of rolling green hills and breathtaking sunset views.