Design & Architecture

We are proud to have collaborated with acclaimed Indonesian architects Andra Matin, Gregorius Supie Yolodi and Maria Rosantina, who share our vision of creating sustainable architecture with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.

Only using natural, local materials, the result is elevated and aesthetically modern with a strong sense of locality that makes the most of the magnificent ocean views and intrudes so little on the natural habitat, you’d be hard pressed to notice the beach houses from the sea.

Known for his immaculate and contemporary approach to architecture, Andra might be a frequent globetrotter, but something always draws him back to his Indonesian roots. Fascinated by his own culture, much of his inspiration comes from witnessing the diversity of the many Indonesian islands he often visits alongside the comfort and hectic lifestyle of urban life.

For Gregorius and Maria, good architecture is about the right dimensions, materials and finishes. In aligning with our vision for Innit, they note that luxury is about open spaces and being at one with nature while still providing a safe and private atmosphere.


Sustainability is at the heart of our decisions and actions. The flora of the island’s rolling hills and the native marine fauna and sea life, together with Ekas Bay’s small fishing community offer an incomparable biodiversity and a unique insight into a culture we take responsibility for so that it can continue to be experienced for generations to come.

Through careful consideration, we took the initiative to place as little impact on the surrounding land as possible with local materials and thoughtful architectural and upcycling procedures that act as a regenerative force for good too.

The local community are vital to us and have been a part of our journey from the very beginning. We embrace their unique culture and traditions, and give back as much as we can through employment, training and teaching new skills. We actively raise awareness and will continue to develop new initiatives, including building a new school to teach English.

Our kitchen only uses produce from nearby farms and our fish and seafood is purchased daily from local fishermen. A sustainable form of fishing, it protects the local habitat, leaving enough fish in the sea, which in turn means that the fishermen can maintain their livelihoods.

Join us to see our sustainability initiatives in action and help support our future community education and conservation projects.