The sounds of nature complement each dish like an accompanying wine, underscoring every taste and flavour of the local cuisine with the freshest ingredients right from Ekas bay. Every meal is casual and contemporary but never ordinary.

At Innit Lombok, we are all about connection. Just like ‘kampung’ (village) communal dining, join us at our six-metre dining table and make new friends over a feast of sharing plates and a sociable atmosphere.

A casual outdoor barbeque pit for beach grilling during sunset perfectly sets the table for our locally prepared dishes, where freshly caught seafood, wrapped in banana leaves or skewered on bamboo sticks, is slowly grilled over an open fire stoked by coconut husks.

An Indonesian chef with global Michelin-starred experience, Matthew Angga delivers the best of both worlds with a mouth-watering Indonesian menu that can be tweaked to whatever your tastebuds desire.

From regionally-grown vegetables and herbs to locally-caught seafood, observe our whole farm-to-table experience and watch as fisherman head into the waters to spearfish the catch of the day

Our villagers are part of the Innit family, and the fishermen and farmers are vital to our experience. Known for its fishing community, Ekas Bay is home to 30 spearfishing families who supply our kitchen with fresh, sustainably caught seafood.

Anakampung is a play on the term ‘anak kampung’. Meaning ‘village child’, it refers to someone who lives a simple traditional life. Our food follows the same path, using only the freshest of local ingredients, including corn grown next door, fish caught daily, and lobsters right from our own farm in Ekas Bay.