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Top 5 Destinations with a Million Enchantments in Mandalika, Lombok

Destinations with a Million Enchantments in Mandalika, Lombok

At present, Lombok has become one of the special tourist destinations in Indonesia. However, in Central Lombok, there is an area was developed specifically to improve the standard of living and economy of West Nusa Tenggara residents in general. The area is Mandalika, Central Lombok which is designated as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) through Government Regulation Number 52 of 2014 to become part of the Tourism KEK. With an area of 1,036 hectares and facing the Indian Ocean, KEK Mandalika is expected to lift the tourism sector in NTB.

However, not many people know the beauty of this area. From the charm of the beach to the stunning underwater scenery, including hosting the grand MotoGP international motor racing championship event in 2021, Mandalika lombok offers an unforgettable holiday experience for anyone who visits. For those of you who are planning a vacation to Lombok and want to visit the Mandalika, here we describe various destinations with exotic and tropical nuances that you can visit in Mandalika, Lombok.

Merese Hill to Enjoy The Best Sunset

Merese Hill | mandalika lombok

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If you are interested in enjoying the sunset in a different way, but it has the best nuance, Merese Hill is the best destination you should visit. This is because you will enjoy the moment of sunset on the hill. Not only is the view of the cool hill, the view presented on this hill is also one of the attractions to enjoy the tourist privileges in Mandalika. Imagine, seeing the sun slowly sinking in the western horizon on a green hill, accompanied by incredible ocean views and special winds. You will feel a different sensation!

The Exoticism of Box-Shaped Cave

cave shaped box in mandalika

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If all this time the cave that we know is round-shaped, this cave is different. As the name suggests, this cave is box-shaped. This uniqueness makes this destination popular in Mandalika. Not only is the shape different, if the cave generally has a long or narrow corridor, Goa Kotak presents a cave with a cube-shaped tunnel, without stalagmites or stalactites, and ultimately presents an extraordinary open sea view. Interestingly, the location of this cave is on the hill, so anyone can enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama in Mandalika, Lombok from a height.

Struggling with Local Wisdom at Desa Adat Sade

Local Wisdom at Desa Adat Sade

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Those who are interested in seeing such as local Lombok residents who do activities every day, Desa Adat Sade is a must-visit destination in Mandalika. Here, you not only walk around the village, see traditional buildings, and watch traditions that continue to be preserved, but you can also be integrated with locals in dance, games, and other interesting activities. You can even learn to weave a typical Lombok cloth, Songket. You can also learn every process of making Songket, starting from the spinning process, coloring to storing fabric that has been finished woven. Guaranteed very impressive!

Explore The Sasak Tribe Village at Desa Adat Ende

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Other than the Desa Adat Sade, there is also the Desa Adat Ende, which is inhabited by around 37 family heads from the Sasak tribe. Here, you can see the full life of the very traditional Sasak people. You will see a village filled with typical Sasak tribal houses, made of woven weeds and bamboo with the floor made of clay mixed with buffalo or cow dung. You can also see the activities of its citizens, and if you are lucky, you can witness an interesting wedding process.

Enjoy The Natural Landmarks of Mandalika at Batu Payung

Mandalika at Batu Payung

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If you are looking for Mandalika landmarks, Batu Payung must be crowned for that. The specificity of the shape of the stone on the seafront is vast and has worldwide popularity to be the reason for it. As the name implies, this Batu Payung is an umbrella-shaped coral located in the Tanjung Aan Coast region. Here, you will not find sandy beaches, but beaches with coral reefs and one of the most prominent are these umbrella-shaped corals, even when viewed from a distance. In addition to the very iconic shape of the corals, the surrounding scenery is also special.

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