Villa by the Beach

Lombok Real Estate & Lombok Beach Villa For Sale. Join us in one of Asia’s up and coming prime beach locations – Ekas Bay Lombok. Innit Hotels and Resorts is offering the limited opportunity to invest in 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villa on prime freehold parcel within the Innit Resort Lombok. Your villa may be used for personal use and rental income. Enjoy the rewards of capital appreciation whilst enjoying the Innit lifestyle offered during your visits to Innit Lombok. Innit Lombok offers spa experiences, private beach frontage and access to some of the best fishing and surfing in Asia.

Size & Pricing

A 788 SOLD 1 Bedroom
B 806 SOLD 2 Bedroom
C 823 SOLD 2 Bedroom
D 809 SOLD 2 Bedroom
E 827 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
F 843 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
G 859 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
H 877 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
I 994 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
J 910 RESERVED 2 Bedroom
K 583 RESERVED 1 Bedroom
L 620 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 1 Bedroom
M 746 SOLD 2 Bedroom
N 620 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 1 Bedroom
O 997 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 3 Bedroom
P 993 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 3 Bedroom
Q 917 RESERVED 3 Bedroom
R 837 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 3 Bedroom
S 756 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
T 677 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 2 Bedroom
U 512 SOLD 1 Bedroom
V 512 SOLD 1 Bedroom
W 512 SOLD 1 Bedroom
X 512 SOLD 1 Bedroom
Y 512 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 1 Bedroom
Z 506 PRICE ON ENQUIRY 1 Bedroom
β 887 SOLD 4 Bedroom


Primary Benefit of Ownership

Purchasing a villa at Innit Lombok comes with numerous primary benefits:


Master Bedroom

Live in paradise. Each fully furnished villa is exquisitely decorated with quality fittings and artisanal flourishes. Innit will oversee the entire building process from start to finish. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Living room and pool area of the villa

Innit Residences

Walkway into villas

Villa Management

Innit Lombok will be managed by a team of experienced hoteliers and hospitality executives thus ensuring that your property will be well maintained both for your personal use and those of guests who may stay in your villa. Villa owners have the option to appoint Innit Hotels & Resorts to manage all aspects of your property and marketing to ensure that suitable rental income is achieved.

In summary, villa owners will enjoy the following benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

The developer is PT Eurobuilding Bali which is a PMA company. The principal of the company was the developer and owner of several resorts in Bali that includes One Eleven Resort ( and bvilla ( These resorts were recently sold to a multinational company.

We are proud to be working with two famed Indonesian-based Architects and Interior Designers, the award-winning Mr Andra Martin and acclaimed d-associates led by Mr Geogorious Supie Yolodi who will be collaborating together in the creation of Innit Lombok.

Innit Hotels & Resorts have been appointed as the management company for all Innit Hotel properties. Innit is a new boutique hotel company, born from the minds of a hotel owner, a hotel CEO and a strong design team.

Innit Lombok is the destination beachfront resort in Ekas Bay – the best kept secret destination for great surf and unspoiled white sand beaches. Innit will offer a luxury private beach experience at affordable rates.

The total area of the site is over 52,000sqm. The majority of the land remains undeveloped and naturally landscaped, thereby ensuring the beauty of the location and desire to visit and stay at the resort.

The resort facilities include our Seremonie Spa and beachfront restaurant Anakampung. Also at the beachfront, our 35 meters swimming pool and sun lounge deck whilst our onsite farm offers our Organic Pavilion where guests can participate in the preparation and taste of local specialties and other local arts and crafts. If a workout is on your agenda, our beach side gym may also whet your appetite.

Many other activities can be arranged to suit your needs, whether a tour of the island or fishing in Ekas Bay or catch the surf breaks at the well-known entrance of Ekas Bay.

The primary benefits include:

  • Enjoy owning a property in a prime and growing resort destination.
  • Enjoy a healthy return on investment from the rental income of your villa.
  • Strong capital appreciation.
  • Be part of the Innit Hotels & Resorts marketing and reservations system.
  • Your property will be maintained by the Innit Lombok team.
  • Owners will be provided a monthly financial and operational update.
  • Various benefit options available to suit your usage requirements.
  • 20% discount for all other services in the resort such as food and beverage and spa treatments when staying at your villa.

We have conservatively forecast annual returns that will be in the region of over 10%, whilst maintaining only 50% occupancy.

As the owner, you always have the option to sell on the open market or appoint Innit Hotels & Resorts management to sell through our channels.

Yes, you may purchase land as a foreigner and there are several ways to structure this. You may purchase land as a long-term leaseholder. Alternatively, you may purchase freehold land title ownership with the use of an Indonesian National as your Nominee. However, we do not recommend the use of a nominee structure.

Villa buyers are responsible for 10% PPN tax from the purchased price and 2% notary fee. In addition, there is an annual tax imposed for land and property called PBB (Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan). This is in the region of 1,000,000 IDR per year.

The primary factors in choosing the right land and hotel investments are the nightly room rates and occupancy level in the destination. 5-star hotels in Lombok charge a premium of 250 to 400 USD per night and yet command 80% occupancy level with ever growing tourist arrivals and demand exceeding supply. This is something not possible to achieve in saturated markets like Bali or other more known destinations. Therefore, it is a good circumstance to participate now as it provides you as an early mover with higher returns that includes land appreciation.

Whilst there are other new projects in Lombok, at present, none are located directly in the Ekas Bay area and Innit Lombok offers a different resort style and size in addition to the location.

Yes, Innit Lombok is beachfront land with over 250m long secluded white sand beach. Each plot of land is just a short stroll to the beach.

A complete step by step process will be sent upon request. Please contact us through the Enquiry Form.

Yes, each villa comes with certificate, clear boundary and a detailed contour map with elevation.

We have long relationship with reputable Jakarta law firm, Mataram Partners. We are also, working closely with a Lombok based Notary Office and all government institutions.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will provide you with the detailed management agreement. Please contact us through the Enquiry form.

Generally, any form of income received in Indonesia is subject to 20% of withholding tax. However, we recommend you to seek independent tax advice.

No. It is our intention to ensure that much of the land remains undeveloped and naturally landscaped, thereby ensuring the beauty of the location and desire to visit and stay at the resort. This also helps to maintain the value of your land and property at Innit Residence.

  • Clear land title
  • Clear access to the property and within the resort itself
  • Cost of construction
  • All necessary licences
  • All interior furniture and fittings

There are basically 5 types or categories of land ownership in Indonesia.

    1. Hak Milik - Right of Ownership
      This is the equivalent of a freehold land title. The right of ownership, which can be sold, transferred, bequeathed and mortgaged to another individual.
    2. Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) - Right to Build.
      HGB title gives the right to construct and own buildings on a plot of land. The right is transferable and may be encumbered. HGB is the form of `freehold title’ that may be owned by Indonesian citizens and legal entities established under the Indonesian Law and domiciled in Indonesia, including foreign-owned companies and joint-venture companies. HGB title is the most common title that foreign companies use to hold real estate in Indonesia.

      Banks and financial institutions will accept HGB land for mortgage and securitization purposes because it can be bought, sold and bequeathed and it is covered by the same planning and land use provisions as would apply with freehold land plots.

      HGB title is granted by the National Land Agency for an initial period of up to 30 years and is extendable for subsequent 20-year and 30-year period. Upon the expiration of such extensions, new HGB title maybe granted on the same land with the same terms. This land title is actually a quasi-leasehold because it is can be renewed for infinity after it is expired. Thus, it can be sold as well as freehold and can be used for loan collateral as well as freehold.

      This the category of land titles that Innit Lombok holds.

    3. Hak Sewa Bangunan - Right to Lease.
      This land title provides the right to the land owner to lease a property to either a foreigner or Indonesian national. The lease agreement must be provided and witnessed by a Legal Notary under local law. The length of the lease can vary but will normally be up to 25 years and extension options.
    4. Hak Pakai – Right to Use.
      This land title provides the right to use for a specified period of time, with extension options, similar to HGB. This type of land title is available to Indonesians, foreigners permanently domiciled in Indonesia, or a foreign company with a representative office in Indonesia.
    5. Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) – Right of Managing
      This land title provides the right to manage state-owned property for agriculture or husbandry for up to 35 years with extension options.

It depends on the size of the villa and plot selection, but it should not exceed 15 months.

We have an inhouse team of professionals to ensure a smooth construction process from beginning to finish. This includes ensuring building permit also known as IMB (Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan) is issued before construction starts, setting and controlling the time schedule, inspecting the standard of work and materials supplied, controlling the architectural and design aspects, managing the construction cost etc.

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