Located near Bali and Komodo Island, Lombok is growing in popularity as a tourism destination. Discover our favorite destinations around Lombok.

Lombok possesses a wealth of characteristics that are favourable for the development of tourism such as the island’s distinctive culture, which is a blend of the main Sasak culture alongside Balinese, Javanese and other cultures. Additionally, the beautiful natural landscapes and settings, especially its long stretches of pristine beaches and the famous Mount Rinjani, have tremendous potential to be developed for special-interest tourism activities, such as diving, fishing, surfing rafting, rockclimbing and caving.

Surfing at Ekas Bay

Ekas Bay is a rare find for surfers. You will find yourself facing with world-class waves that break on big swells (4-5ft plus), and there are a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer. When there are no waves, this place is always windy, so if you are a kitesurfer, this is also one of the best location to do Kite Surfing.

Climb The Mount Rinjani

This active volcano has an extraordinary panoramic view that makes it one of the greatest volcanological attractions of the world. Standing at 3,726m, the second highest mountain in Indonesia, the 4-day-3-night trek to the summit is not a walk in the park. Those loose lava rocks, sand and high altitude will require certain physical fitness to make it an enjoyable trek.

Semeti Beach

A unique beach in that the many stones here resemble the crystal box in Planet Krypton where Superman is born, hence it is also called Krypton Beach.

Pink Beach

The picturesque pink beach comes from straight out of a fantasy movie. The Pink Sand is a result of the tiny red organisms that grows on the dead coral reefs. The best time to go is before 8 am and after 4 pm.

Mawun Beach

Visit one of the many secluded white sand beaches, Mawun Beach. First time you come here, you may think that the beach is a private beach with stunning panorama. It is not surprising because the beach is so quiet with only a few visitors.

Underwater World of Nest

Designed by the illustrious artist Jason deCaires Taylor, the eco-friendly project Nest is a 48-piece underwater sculpture of human figures laying down and standing up in an embrace.

Bayan Sasak

Sasak village is still home to the indigenous people of Lombok, who have been living the same way since 5,000 years BC.
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