It is our intention to support and give back to the wonderful community in which Innit Lombok is located. 

We wish to be part of the community and support the local cultures that make Lombok and Indonesia such a wonderful destination. Where at all possible, we will use home grown products and the local fisherman to provide the seafood for our resort. Most importantly, we wish to provide job and career opportunities for the local community and education and training as and where required as well as other support for the local community. We will promote the protection of the environment and practice this philosophy where at all possible.

It’s All About Family

In order to give back to the wonderful community in which Innit Lombok is located, we have launched our community programme, “All About Family” which supports local agricultural, economic, environmental and educational development.

Funds from the programme will go into various local projects, such as the provision of water and sanitary equipment; assisting farming initiatives so that locals are able to grow plants both for their own consumption and for sale; as well as supporting the community’s many events, among other things. These projects will benefit approximately 40 families who live within our immediate local community.

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