Lombok Villa for Sale-The Reasons Why You Should Have a Villa in Lombok

Lombok Villa for Sale

As a profitable investment area, currently, there are many Lombok villas for sale. Of course, by having a villa in Lombok, you will get many benefits. It starts from being used as a private place to live or for an investment. What are the benefits of having a villa in the Lombok area? For those of you who want to have a villa in Lombok, check out the various benefits that can be obtained if you have a villa in Lombok below!

Healthier physically and mentally

Healthier physically and mentally

Having a villa in Lombok will feel more calm and relaxed due to owning a private residence while on vacation in Lombok. In addition, Lombok’s peaceful environment and natural fresh air has not been contaminated with pollution from vehicle fumes, a way to help you forget the bustling life of the capital. Living in this area will make you live healthier physically as well as mentally. Lombok also has many tourist destinations. Lombok’s stunning landscapes allow you to unwind for a moment without having to travel too far. You choose the desired tourist attraction. Everything can be a relief from fatigue, starting from beaches, hills, mountains, waterfalls, to rice fields. Of course, this will make your vacation more relaxed and pleasurable.

Surrounded by tourist attractions

Surrounded by tourist attractions

Indonesia is known as a country that has many tourist attractions. One of them, Lombok. If you have a villa in Lombok, you will be facilitated to visit many tourist attractions. This is because many villas are located around or close to tourist attractions. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on the road to get to a tourist spot. The tourist treats provided in Lombok are so diverse and fun, with various characteristics of each. Not only natural tourism but also cultural, historical, culinary, and educational tours. Popular tourist objects among local and foreign tourists, namely traditional villages and small islands, can be accessed only by crossing by boat. In addition, you can also easily access tourist attractions around Lombok, such as Bali, Sumbawa, Sumba, and other surrounding islands. Of course, a short and uncomplicated vacation experience can be obtained by owning a villa in Lombok.

Great investment opportunity

Great investment opportunity

Everyone knows that Lombok is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. The enthusiasm of tourists to vacation in Lombok is relatively high. Because of these factors, maybe you want to make it a business opportunity. One way to take advantage of business opportunities in Lombok is to have a villa in Lombok. By owning a villa in Lombok, you can invest by renting out a residence with a villa or homestay concept.

The beautiful scenery in Lombok makes people more interested in living in Lombok. There are many Lombok villas for sale. One of which is Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Lombok Villa for Sale – Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Lombok Villa for Sale - Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Innit Lombok is a beachfront resort in Ekas Bay. Innit Hotels & Resort offers limited opportunities to invest in villas on prime freehold parcels within the Innit Resort Lombok, the Beachfront Villas. The Beachfront Villas are villas that have been designed and positioned on the beachfront of Ekas Bay, Lombok. With these, the guests can get the freedom to do outdoor activities. The design of The Beachfront Villas consists of two floors. The ground floor is designed for the living and dining room. Whereas on the second floor, it provides two bedrooms, both of which have adjoining bathrooms. The Beachfront Villas, Innit Lombok also offers a spa experience, a luxury private beach experience, and access to some of the best fishing and surfing spots in Asia.

The various advantages that you can get by investing in a villa in Innit Hotels are

  • Enjoy owning a property in a prime and growing resort destination.
  • Enjoy a healthy return on investment from the rental income of your villa.
  • Strong capital appreciation.
  • Be part of the Innit Hotels & Resorts marketing and reservations system.
  • The Innit Lombok team will maintain your property.
  • Owners will be provided a monthly financial and operational update.
  • Various benefit options are available to suit your usage requirements.
  • 20% discount for all other services in the resort, such as food and beverage and spa treatments when staying at your villa.

Starting at USD 375,000, you can get unforgettable holiday experiences and promise investments of all time.

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