Benefits of Investing in Lombok Real Estate

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Lombok Real Estate – Owning a property or real estate in Lombok is the dream of many people because Lombok is a place that has beautiful natural wealth that can spoil the eye. It is not surprising that Lombok has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for Indonesian and foreign people. Therefore, if you have Lombok real estate, it will be very profitable for you in the form of investment. The following are some of the benefits if you invest in real estate or property in Lombok.

Generate income throughout the year

Some real estate entrepreneurs think that investing in real estate is a good idea if you are involved in it for an extended period and not a quick payback. Therefore, Lombok real estate is perfect for investing in residential property because you can use it to generate rental income throughout the year. Especially if you remember the location of Lombok is a great tourist destination and is often visited by people every year.

The Right Investment Will Continue To Be Appreciated

Sales expert Grant Cardone once said in his book that the real estate business is accurate. “It’s always a good idea to put money in real estate. But, that doesn’t mean all real estate is a good idea,” he says. Buying a specific property and choosing a class location will provide consistent cash flow and great potential for future appreciation. Investing in Lombok real estate will be very profitable because Lombok is a prominent tourist destination and is often visited by people every year. The right location to open a business in residential property.

Everyone needs a place to stay

When the property is built, it is due to the increasing population of people on earth. The expanding number of property developments every year is a testament to the growth of the real estate market. Supply keeps up with demand, and demand continues to increase. The population rarely decreases; that’s why the housing needs grow from year to year. Destinations like Lombok are impossible for tourists to explore the island’s beauty in just one day. Therefore, tourists need a place to stay to enjoy the beauty of Lombok in the long term. Hence, investing in Lombok real estate is quite profitable. Every year, many tourists visit to explore the beauty of the island of Lombok and, of course, need a place to stay when traveling in Lombok.

That’s the benefit of investing in Lombok real estate. The beautiful scenery in Lombok makes people more interested in living in Lombok. Currently, there are many Lombok real estates that you can choose to invest in. One of them is Beachfront Villa and Bridge Hotel from Innit Hotels & Resort.

Lombok Real Estate – Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Innit Lombok is a beachfront resort in Ekas Bay. Innit Hotels & Resort offers limited opportunities to invest in villas on prime freehold parcels within the Innit Resort Lombok, the Beachfront Villas. The Beachfront Villas are villas that have been designed and positioned on the beachfront of Ekas Bay, Lombok. With these, the guests can get the freedom to do outdoor activities. The design of The Beachfront Villas consists of two floors. The ground floor is designed for the living and dining room. Whereas on the second floor, it provides two bedrooms, both of which have adjoining bathrooms. The Beachfront Villas, Innit Lombok also offers a spa experience, a luxury private beach experience, and access to some of Asia’s best fishing and surfing spots.

The various advantages that you can get by investing in a villa in Innit Hotels are

  • Enjoy owning a property in a prime and growing resort destination.
  • Enjoy a healthy return on investment from the rental income of your villa.
  • Strong capital appreciation.
  • Be part of the Innit Hotels & Resorts marketing and reservations system.
  • The Innit Lombok team will maintain your property.
  • Owners will be provided a monthly financial and operational update.
  • Various benefit options are available to suit your usage requirements.
  • When staying at your villa, get a 20% discount for all other services in the resort, such as food and beverage, spa treatments.

Starting at USD 375,000, you can get unforgettable holiday experiences and promise investments of all time.

The Bridge Hotel from Innit Hotels & Resort

Not only offer Lombok Beach Villa, Innit Hotels & Resort also offers the experience of staying at The Bridge Hotel. This hotel is located between 2 hills where all rooms have a sea view overlooking the sunset. By investing in The Bridge Hotel, you will experience more than just a vacation every time you come to visit Lombok.

So, what are you waiting for? Start investing in Lombok Beach Villa and Bridge Hotel with Innit Hotels & Resort now!

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