Why is Lombok Property Investment Tempting?

Lombok Property Investment

Until now, Bali has become a favourite investment magnet in Indonesia. The most promising investments are in property investment because Bali promises many benefits for its investors, such as building luxury hotels, resorts or restaurants. Where else can provide property investment benefits like Bali? The answer is Lombok. Lombok is one area that can be a property investment destination because it is an area that has many interesting tourist attractions. So, this can be a reason for an entrepreneur to make a Lombok property investment. Now, let’s see why Lombok property investment can be very lucrative.

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Several years ago, many people did not know Lombok. But now, Lombok has often been dubbed “Bali’s little brother”. Lombok has been widely known for its enchanting tourism potential. Since the last few years, Lombok has become a favourite destination for foreign tourists. Currently, Lombok is metamorphosing into a major tourist area in Indonesia. Due to its increasing popularity and fame, Lombok has also become one of the popular choices for starting property investment in Indonesia.

Why Lombok Property Investment?

Why Lombok Property Investment?

With so much potential to explore, here are some reasons you should make a Lombok property investment:

  1. This small, community-based island is just a few hours from Singapore and half an hour from Bali.
  2. Lombok is already easily accessible with its newly built airport and other infrastructure developments.
  3. Affordable flights increase the number of visitors to Lombok, increasing investment opportunities.
  4. Lombok has enjoyed popularity in recent years as the “new Bali” for surfers, beach lovers, travellers, and investors.
  5. Many investors have started the construction of hotels, bars, restaurants, salons and lodging houses to meet the growing demand.

That’s why Lombok property investment can be very lucrative. So, are you interested in the Lombok investment property? If yes, let’s take a look at the recommendation below.

Best Lombok Property Investment in the Form of Villa – Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Best Lombok Property Investment in the Form of Villa - Beachfront Villa from Innit Hotels & Resort

Innit Lombok is a beachfront resort in Ekas Bay. Innit Hotels & Resort offers limited opportunities to invest in villas on prime freehold parcels within the Innit Resort Lombok, the Beachfront Villas. The Beachfront Villas are villas that have been designed and positioned on the beachfront of Ekas Bay, Lombok. With these, the guests can get the freedom to do outdoor activities. The design of The Beachfront Villas consists of two floors. The ground floor is designed for the living and dining room. Whereas on the second floor, it provides two bedrooms, both of which have adjoining bathrooms. The Beachfront Villas, Innit Lombok also offers a spa experience, a luxury private beach experience, and access to some of Asia’s best fishing and surfing spots.

The various advantages that you can get by investing in a villa in Innit Hotels are

  • Enjoy owning a property in a prime and growing resort destination.
  • Enjoy a healthy return on investment from the rental income of your villa.
  • Strong capital appreciation.
  • Be part of the Innit Hotels & Resorts marketing and reservations system.
  • The Innit Lombok team will maintain your property.
  • Owners will be provided with a monthly financial and operational update.
  • Various benefit options are available to suit your usage requirements.
  • When staying at your villa, get a 20% discount for all other services in the resort, such as food and beverage, spa treatments.

Starting at USD 375,000, you can get unforgettable holiday experiences and promise investments of all time.

Other Information on Lombok Property Investment Opportunities – The Bridge Hotel from Innit Hotels & Resort

Other Information on Lombok Property Investment Opportunities - The Bridge Hotel from Innit Hotels & Resort

Not just a villa, Innit Hotels & Resort also offers the experience of staying at The Bridge Hotel. This hotel is located between 2 hills where all rooms have a sea view overlooking the sunset. By investing in The Bridge Hotel, you will experience more than just a vacation every time you come to visit Lombok.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Lombok property investment with Innit Hotels & Resort now!

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