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Design Hotels Indonesia – Since long ago, the lodging business continues to grow and there has never been a death. This is because people often take vacation trips and it is not uncommon for them to need a place to stay or stay during their trip. The hotel itself is the most popular type of lodging because it has the facilities most favored by the community.

In addition, hotel facilities prioritize the quality of comfort to visitors. However, did you know that hotels have various types? So that you don’t choose the wrong one and end up disappointed, let’s find out the types of designs hotel Indonesian below!


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The first type of hotel is a cottage. Cottages are lodging lodges that are almost similar to villas. These cottages can usually be found in beach resorts, recreational parks, or mountains. Therefore, this cottage is suitable to be an inn for families.


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The next type of hotel is a bungalow. This bungalow has similarities with a cottage. In appearance, the Bungalow has a concept of a house or cottage with wood material. You can usually find bungalows in a tourist environment that shows nature, such as mountains and away from the crowd. For this reason, bungalows are perfect for those of you who are vacationing with a large family or office event.


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The next type of hotel is Villa. Literally, Villa is an inn in the form of a house and is private. Private that is meant here is you do not need to share with others. Even the facilities provided by the villa are similar to the facilities at home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, television, terraces, balconies, gardens, to private pools. Thus, staying at the Villa will certainly make you feel like home, especially for those of you who are on vacation with a large family, or with friends in large numbers.


Design Hotel Indonesia

Resorts are more often found in natural tourist attractions, such as beaches. Standing on the vast land, the resort has buildings like hotels. But basically, the resort is designed to prioritize recreational facilities for its guests, so you will see complete facilities, such as swimming pools, spas, playgrounds, and outbound facilities. You will also be presented with beautiful and cool natural scenery around the resort.

Boutique Hotel

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It has a similar name, but that does not mean this Boutique Hotel has a boutique or fashion exhibition in it. Instead, this hotel carries an exclusive concept like a boutique in general. This Boutique Hotel design usually only has a limited number of rooms, unlike hotels in general. With an interior design that is made modern and elegant, and different themes in each room. For this reason, this Boutique Hotel is perfect for your accommodation, instagramable spot hunters and adventurous people.

Those are the types of design hotel Indonesia. For those of you who are planning a vacation to Lombok, then you can consider Innit Hotels & Resort as your place to stay. This is because Innit Hotels & Resort offers various types of design hotel Indonesia in one field. The types of design hotel Indonesian offered are resort and villa.

Innit Hotels & Resort | Design Hotels Indonesia

As a beachfront resort in Teluk Ekas Lombok, Innit Hotels & Resort offers a form of lodging that is full of luxury private beach experiences. The form of lodging in question is

  1. The Bridge Hotel

The Bridge Hotel is located between 2 hills and all rooms have a sea view overlooking the sunset with a spacious layout using natural materials. With this hotel, Innit Hotels & Resort offers all guests a magnificent view of Ekas Bay while offering privacy. Not only that, as a resort, Innit Lombok also offers a spa experience, a luxury private beach experience, as well as access to some of the best fishing and surfing spots in Asia.

  1. The Beachfront Villa

The Beachfront Villas are villas that have been designed and positioned on the beachfront of Ekas Bay Lombok. The design of The Beachfront Villas consists of 2 floors. The ground floor is designed for the living room and dining room. Where as on the second floor, it provides 2 bedrooms both of which have adjoining bathrooms.

To get more information about Innit Hotels & Resort, you can get through the official website of Innit Hotels & Resort at https://innithotels.com.

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