buy land in lombok

Tips Buy Land in Lombok

buy land in lombok

Buy Land in Lombok – There are various types of investments that you can find. Ranging from foreign currencies, jewelry, stocks, deposits, bonds, antiques, to property. However, of the many types of investment, the property is the most profitable investment.

This is because the property business is a business that never dies. Everyone certainly needs a place to stay. For that, for those of you who are interested in investing in property, especially land, let’s look at a few things you need to consider before buying a land.

Check the legality of these lots free from clean, clean, and clear.

  • Free means dispute free, where the name of the owner matches what is stated on the land certificate.
  • Clean, which means the land is not being used for other economic activities or is occupied by someone else who is not entitled.
  • Clear means that the land is the right size, as stated in the certificate, and matches its boundaries.

Check conditions

Before buying land, make sure the type of contour of the land. Do not buy a mobile land (easily landslide) to build buildings on it! Also, pay attention to the location. Because, one of the driving points of the value of land is location. Certainly, the selling price of land continues to rise if it is in a strategic location, such as easy access to roads, close to shopping centers, and a number of public facilities. If you want to buy land, you must be observant about its location.

Ideal land area

The amount of land that can be invested depends on your financial ability. But if you are not a property developer, the ideal land area does not need to be hectares. Determine the ideal land area that roughly can be built decent housing. This will increase the sale value later and make it easier when you want to be marketed again. Before buying, you need to consider the size of land needed.

Look the costs

Buying land is not just a matter of what price per square meter. However, pay attention to other cost factors, such as administrative costs with the Land Deed Making Officer (PPAT), taxation, and others. That way, the legality of land ownership can be completed quickly.

Those are some things that you need to consider before buying land. For those of you who are still looking for the right location to buy land, then you can consider Lombok as the right location. This is because everyone needs a place to stay, including when vacationing and Lombok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia right now.

Therefore, do not be surprised if Lombok has a variety of great business potential for you. Except buy land in Lombok, Lombok also have the potential for investing in Lombok property.

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