Top 5 Best Beaches in Lombok-East Lombok

Top 5 Best Beaches in Lombok

Best Beach in Lombok – Other than Bali, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara is also known as a favorite marine destination. No less with Bali, Lombok also has a row of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the island. One area that holds an amazing natural paradise is East Lombok Regency. With an area of 1,605 square kilometers, East Lombok is known as an area that has a number of epic beaches. The following is a row of the best beaches in East Lombok that you can visit.

Tangsi Beach or Pink Beach

pink beach

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If you talk about pink beaches, what will surely cross your mind is a beautiful beach with red sand on Komodo Island. Of course, the pink beach in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara, has become an idol and a must destination for anyone visiting Labuan Bajo. But besides the pink beach in NTT, there is another beach with pink sand in Indonesia. Precisely in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Tangsi Beach or better known as Pink Beach is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency.

Pink Beach Lombok is also one of the seven beaches with pink sand in the world. This beach is called the pink beach because sometimes this beach emits a pink color. The pink color on this beach sand comes from a mixture of white sand with pink coral flakes. Not only is the color of the beach amazing, but this beautiful beach also has a beautiful view, coupled with the hills around the beach which increasingly make it beautiful. You can also do many things while at Pink Beach. Starting from playing water because the waves are not large, climbing hills around the beach, relaxing in the gazebo, to rent a boat around the beach for snorkeling or diving.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is located in Jerowaru District

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Paradise beach is located in Jerowaru District, East Lombok, not far from Ekas Bay. From Mataram, you can take the route Mataram – Kediri – Praya – Jerowaru to get to this one Lombok destination. This beach called Paradise because the coastline is not too long, and the sea water is blue and quite clear.

Kaliantan Beach

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Kaliantan Beach can be a place to watch the right golden sunset. Its natural authenticity is still very awake, so this beach is often nicknamed “Virgin Beach”. This place is also the location for the Bau Nyale traditional tradition, which is a festival to catch sea worms that is done by the Sasak community once a year.

Cemara Beach

Best Beach in Lombok

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Although the name Cemara Beach is not as popular as Senggigi Beach or Tanjung Aan, the beauty of this place is able to compete. The coastline is quite long and around it you can find some pine trees. That’s why this beach is called the Cemara Beach. This beach also has clear turquoise blue water and the waves tend to be gentle. It’s a good place for those of you who seek peace.

Sungkun Beach

Best Beach in Lombok | sungkun beach

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Another best beach in East Lombok is Sungkun Beach in Ekas Buana Village, Jerowaru District. Covered by two exotic high hills, in this place, you can enjoy the white sand of pepper grains. There are coral rocks that limit the area of sand and sea water. Uniquely, from Sungkun Beach, you can see an island that is shaped like a turtle.

That’s the top 5 best beaches in East Lombok. Every corner of the Lombok island has clean beaches and is still awake, like the five beaches mentioned above. To add unforgettable moments to your vacation while you are visiting the best beaches in Lombok, you can stay at hotel or villa by the beach. Innit Lombok is a beachfront resort in Ekas Bay. Innit offers a luxury private beach experience by staying in The Bridge Hotel or owning a beachfront villa. It starts from USD 345.000. Own your beachfront villa at Innit Hotels & Resorts now and feels more than just a holiday!





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