Andra Matin’s Latest Architectural Works Present in Lombok

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If you visit Bali and stop by the Potato Head Club, you will enjoy the work of one of the greatest architects in Indonesia. Isandra Matin Ahmad or commonly known as Andra Matin is the famous architecture. By establishing Andra Matin Architects in 1988, he has received many awards.

One of them is the IAI Award (Indonesian Architects Association) in 1999 and 2002. Besides Potato Head, Andra Matin has given birth to various inspirational architectural works. Let’s get to know the figure of Andra Matin and his architectural works below.

About Andra Matin

Fully named Isandra Matin Ahmad, he is the most famous architect in Indonesia. He is an alumnus of Parahyangan University, Bandung. After nine years working at Grahacipta Hadiprana, which was founded by architect Hendra Hadiprana, he decided to establish the architectural bureau of Andra Matin along with the monetary crisis in Indonesia in 1998.

Andra Matin’s Architecture

Andra Matin has produced a variety of amazing works. Ranging from homes, hotels, offices, museums, parks, to showrooms and commercial spaces. The lobby of the Le Bo Ye graphic design office (1998) owned by Hermawan Tanzil, Dua8 Tower, and ak.’Asa.ra, are all his early works. Andra Matin also gave birth to a variety of famous architectural works. Some of them are

  • Rendo Park, a monument to commemorate the struggle of Ir. Sukarno in East Nusa Tenggara.
  • Tanah Teduh, a housing complex of 8 contemporary architects.
  • Potato Head is famous in Jakarta and Bali.
  • Agus Suwage’s house and his own home which was visited by Rem Koolhaas.
  • WH and AM houses.
  • Katamama boutique hotel in Seminyak
  • Omah Herborist
  • Sarijadi Market
  • AD Premier Building
  • Banyuwangi Airport
  • Baitus Shobur Mosque in Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba)
  • Imaculata Amphitheater in Ende.

Those are some architectural works from Andra Matin. In addition to these architectural works, there is one more recent architectural masterpiece from Andra Matin, namely Innit Hotels & Resort. To find out more about this latest work, let’s look at the following explanation.

About Innit Hotels & Resort

Innit Lombok is a beachfront resort in Ekas Bay, Lombok. The architectural work produced by Andra Matin with his colleague, Gregorius Supie Yolodi, has an architectural design that represents a traditional design philosophy, but remains creative and respects, maintains, and supports the unique environment and culture of the people of Lombok. Innit Hotels & Resort itself offers forms of lodging that are full of luxury private beach experiences. The form of this inn are

  1. The Bridge Hotel

Bridge Hotel is a hotel that is located between 2 hills and all suites have a sea view overlooking the sunset with a vast layout using natural materials. With this hotel, Innit Hotels & Resort offers all guests a magnificent view of Ekas Bay while offering privacy.

  1. The Beachfront Villa
    bridge hotel

The Beachfront Villas is a villa that has been designed and positioned on the beachfront of Ekas Bay, Lombok. With these, the guests will get the freedom to do outdoor activities. The design of The Beachfront Villas consists of 2 floors. The ground floor is designed for the living room and dining room. Whereas on the second floor, it provides 2 bedrooms both of which have adjoining bathrooms.

For more information about Innit Hotels & Resort, you can get through the official website of Innit Hotels & Resort at

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