Advantages of Invest in Lombok Villas

Invest in Lombok

The island of Lombok is famous for its beauty. Many people have understood that. With panoramic views of beaches, mountains, green hills, waterfalls, and underwater views, it’s no wonder that Lombok is one of the favourite tourist destinations for a lot of people. Many tourists return to Lombok again and again, both local and foreign tourists. With all the advantages in Lombok, this place can be used as a lucrative investment area, especially property investment in the form of villas because Lombok villas will be very profitable and can be used according to the owner’s needs. So, what are the advantages if you invest in Lombok villas? Check out the following description.

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Prices tend to go up

It is no secret that investing in villas is very profitable because the price tends to rise. Especially for areas currently being considered for infrastructure development, such as Lombok. Apart from the inflation factor, this is also influenced by the increasing scarcity of land, especially in big cities. But on the contrary, the population continues to grow, and development continues to be controlled, making many people require villas. The increase in estate prices tend to rise steadily every year. It is rare for villas to drop in price, except for various special conditions. Generally, the percentage increase in villa prices each year can reach 5 to 20%. It is different if the location of the villa is in an area that is undergoing development or is in good infrastructure and access. Of course, villa prices can increase by 100%, even 200% in the next few years. Very profitable, isn’t it? This is a necessity and it would be very beneficial if you buy a villa from now on.

The risk of loss tends to be minimal

In contrast to other types of property investment, such as houses or shophouses, the risk of loss from villa investment tends to be minimal. Different types of property may suffer significant damage and reduce the value of the investment, not so with villas. If any damage occurs, repairs are not complicated. Of course, even with other assets, such as gold or jewellery, the risk of losing it tends to be significant. Meanwhile, villas under any conditions, as long as it has legal proof of ownership, will forever remain your property.

It can be used for other things

A piece of vacant villa that you own can be used for various things before being sold—for example, used for rent outs or wedding venues. In the right place, the villa will not be empty of visitors. Not only as a place to rest while on vacation but villas can also be rented for wedding locations. So, in addition to having a long-term investment, you can also take advantage of the villas with various other profitable things.

It could be a further investment

The continued investment in question is renting out villas. Thus, you have another source of income that will certainly benefit you in the long term.

Private Place

Even if it is not rented out, you can use the villa as a private vacation location. It will minimize the budget during the holidays, right?

It can be used as collateral

Lastly, you can also use the villa as collateral to borrow money from the bank. Don’t worry. It is said that the bank will not hesitate to lend the funds when the collateral is provided in the villa because the villa is included in a relatively large and robust guarantee.

There are advantages if you invest in Lombok villas.

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