Innit Lombok offers outstanding design and excellent services on private white sand beach with pleasure in mind. Simple, innit?

Innit Hotels & Resorts represent a design philosophy that is traditional yet creative, but respecting, maintaining and supporting the environment and culture of the unique and remote communities in which its properties are located.


Innit Lombok is located in Ekas Bay, South East Lombok, within 1 hour drive from the new international airport at Praya. In what is set to become one of Asia’s prime beach locations away from the madding crowds of other known regional destinations. A little known secret destination for surfers, fishing and unspoiled deserted beaches of soft white sand.


By air

As Lombok continues to grow as a destination, the number of direct flights to Lombok International Airport is on the increase. Direct international flights include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and many daily flights from Surabaya, Jakarta and Bali. It is about an hour by car from Lombok International Airport to Innit Lombok.

By boat

Experience arriving on private white sand of Innit Beach. We will be providing a 15 minutes boat ride to Innit Lombok from Awang Harbour, about 15 minutes by car from Kuta Lombok.


Bridge Hotel

Located between 2 hills and all suites enjoy sunset views overlooking the ocean. A spacious layout using natural materials.

Innit Beach House

Designed and positioned to ensure close proximity to the outdoor activities of Innit Lombok. Ideal for a family or couples getaway.


Infinity Pool

Your 35 meter infinity pool and private beach frontage offers access to some of the best fishing and surfing in Asia.

Seremonie Spa

See something new. Smell something refreshing. Feel something relaxing. Small changes do make a positive difference. A celebration for your mind, body and soul. Seremonie Spa is located atop the highest point of the property and enjoys views over the resort and Ekas Bay beyond.

Anakampung Dining

I remember the first time I walked barefoot. I walked in the rain and crossed the paddy fields. I climbed up a tree and was chased by the bees. I remember the smell of wet soil and the fresh sea. I ate what they called organic today.


Andra Matin

Andra Matin is the most celebrated architect in Indonesia and his architectural design philosophy goes beyond the ordinary where raw is the important element of his designs. He is the mastermind behind Tanah Teduh, a residential complex of 8 contemporary architects, the famous Potato Head in Jakarta and Bali, Agus Suwage’s house and his own house which has been visited by Rem Koolhaas. He was born in Bandung and graduated from Architecture of Parahyangan University Bandung. He was awarded with five IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects) awards, as part of an architecture exhibition at GA Gallery Tokyo and a solo show at Dia.Lo.Gue art space, Jakarta. Andra Matin is now based in Jakarta.

Gregorius Supie Yolodi

Gregorius and his partner Maria shined through multiple contemporary architecture projects from residential houses, offices, art galleries, hotels up to a government landmark buildings with numeral of architecture awards they have achieved. The important works included the Papilion in Kemang Jakarta, km 19 Jakarta tollway and Biyan House. He graduated from architecture of Parahyangan University Bandung and now based in Jakarta.
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